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Intelligent Innovation

LiFTCORE® has more to offer than just products in outstanding quality. All our solutions come standard with intelligent and innovative details to open up a new dimension in installing and using elevators. Learn more about our products and feel the differences you expect from a state of the art technology.


Smart Elevators

For exigent applications LiFTCORE® Smart Elevators offer outstanding performance without compromise.

Home Elevators

Enrich your home with LiFTCORE® Home Elevators – for your convenince and safety.

Elevator Management Systems

Controller Systems

The Eco Pro + Elevator controller system comes with many unique and favorable features for enhanced benefits.


Multimedia systems are more than push buttons and indicators. See how LiFTCORE® can make your elevator ride more enjoyable.

Online Systems

LiFTCORE® Online Systems come standard with a broad range of innovative diagnostic and monitoring tools.