LiFTCORE – Opening up New Dimensions:
Intelligent Elevator Management System

The newly founded company LiFTCORE GmbH, located in Schwäbisch-Gmünd/Germany, offers cutting-edge electronic technology for the elevator markets.

Andreas Hönnige, successful in the elevator industry for many long years, will bring cutting edge technology into the European market in his new position as managing director of LiFTCORE.

LiFTCORE is being backed by one of the leading manufacturers of OEM products boasting more than 1,000 employees. LiFTCORE products are developed, tested and qualified for the market within the own companies of the group by an international engineering team of 35 under German management. All steps are subject to the highest possible quality standards.

LiFTCORE´s control and regulation technology is more than just today´s usual elevator control concepts with their classic peripheral components. It´s about high-end networking and intelligent elevator managing systems: predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring, interactive human-machine dialog, self-optimizing transport intensity, user authentication, customized appearance, infotainment, maximum safety standards, intelligent energy management and many more elevator specific functions that offer hi-tech solutions for everyone.

LiFTCORE takes a tough stance for standardization and consistently maxes out all opportunities of safe cloud based and server based data integration. Users, operators, elevator companies – they all can rely on the most comfortable, most cost efficient, most transparent solution guaranteeing the highest possible availability rate of their elevators.
The elevator management system has been created to meet the requirements of today´s mobile urbanized society. It sets new standards for mobility inside a building: Thus the elevator becomes an intelligent and comfortable means of transport meeting all expectations of our smartphone and tablet users´ generation.

Acquisition costs for the LiFTCORE elevator management system are extremely economical, as are operation and service costs. The system is compatible with most existing elevators and is perfectly suitable for both new installations and modernization projects.
LiFTCORE makes visions of elevator 4.0 come true.